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Take a chance on winning a mystery prize when you play my new game.

There are 9 entries per round and once the slots are filled then the game begins. Purchase 1 or purchase all slots; there are no limits.

How to play:

- The game uses a plinko board inspired by "Price Is Right".

1. Choose your round

2. Select the slot that you would like your name to be in (no limitations). When the 9 slots are filled, we play the game

3. I will drop the chip down the board and it will land on ONE name. The name that the chip lands on is the winner for this round

4. There are 3 prizes that I will show you in the beginning, the letters S-A-M are randomly placed with each prize. I will not tell you which letter goes to which prize. The winner for the round will pick a letter and that is the prize that they receive.

5. Once the winner selects their prize, the prize will be replaced with another option while the other 2 prizes that weren't selected will stay. I will then randomize the letters again for the next round.

** There are no refunds or returns and exchanges on prizes! And only 1 winner a round. No discount codes can be applied to this game.**

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