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Green Christmas Tree Plaid Microwave Bowl Cozy

Green Christmas Tree Plaid Microwave Bowl Cozy

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Have you ever tried to heat something up like soup in the microwave and struggle trying to take it out because the bowl is too hot? This is the perfect solution! You can put the bowl in the cozy, put it in the microwave, then use the tall corners to lift it WITHOUT having to touch the bowl. Not to mention, this reversible bowl cozy is great for cold items, too. Put the bowl in the cozy and you won't have to worry about your hands freezing when eating a bowl of ice cream. What I love about this is not the fact that it protects my hands from cold and hot items, but that it is reversible!

Approximate diameter is 6 inches; and the height of the corners are about 4 inches.

The pattern may vary slightly due to the product being handmade.

The material is safe to use in the microwave. Made with 100% cotton fabric and the insulation between the fabric has no metal and is also 100% cotton.

If needed to be clean, please gently wash on cold and air dry. May be susceptible to shrinking if put in the dryer.

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