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Sam P Creations

Mini Cows Pint Ice Cream Cozy

Mini Cows Pint Ice Cream Cozy

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The one thing I hate about ice cream is how cold my hands get. Especially the pint size ice creams! There's no easy way to hold it without having to wrap it in a towels or using your sleeve to add a barrier. These pint size cozies will help your hands stay warmer so you can enjoy your ice cream without the struggle of cold hands. Not only will it keep your hands warmer, it will prevent your ice cream from melting as fast.

Approximate base diameter is 3 inches; approximate height is 4 inches.

The pattern may vary slightly due to the product being handmade.

If needed to be clean, please gently wash on cold and air dry. Do NOT dry on high heat. May be susceptible to shrinking if put in the dryer due to the material being 100% cotton.

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